5G network infrastructure challenges

May 15 (Thursday), 12:15h - 13:15h

Abstract: There is consensus in academia and industry that the expected variety and volume of 5G network traffic demand for a radically new network architecture. Implicit to this is the fact that all aspects of the network infrastructure will be impacted, ranging from the air interface to the mobile backhaul and to the core. Additionally, software-defined networks and network functions virtualization promise substantial benefits to network operators by bringing to the telco world, the programmability, flexibility, and economies of scale of the IT world.
It is clear that this new context entails a long list of challenges, such as the role of the millimeter wave band, SON algorithms and backhauling approaches for dense small cell deployments, or the role of SDN and NFV not only at the core, but also at the edges of the network. These are some of the challenges that will be discussed in this panel by representatives of network vendors and operators actively involved in solving these challenges, hence shaping the future 5G network infrastructure.


Ali Imran (University of Oklahoma)

Javier Benítez (Colt Technology  Services, Spain)

Xavier Costa Pérez (NEC Laboratories Europe)

Hans-Peter Mayer (Alcatel-Lucent)


Chaired by Josep Mangues-Bafalluy (CTTC)